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This page sets forth the nuts and bolts of creating a page. Please note that only logged-in users can create pages in non-talk namespaces.

How a page is created

All Wikipedia pages are created by accessing a page title that does not yet exist, usually by clicking on a red-colored link (which denotes non-existence, as opposed to a blue link which, with some exceptions, indicates the linked page exists). Creation is simple: upon clicking a red link, you will be transported to a blank page. Once there, enter any text and then click the Publish change button. That's it; the page should have been created.

Many pages are created after a user sees an existing red link on a page, and then follows these steps. The methods explored below describe how to access a non-existent page when a red link is not already presented to you, in order for you to follow these steps to creation.

Method 1: searching

Enter text in the search field that you seek to create as a page title. If the title you entered does not already exist, is not technically restricted and is not creation protected, the resulting page will i) tell you that it does not exist; ii) advise that you can create the page, and iii) will provide a red link to the page title. It will normally appear in the following form (it may vary depending on the skin on the wiki:

   There were no results matching the query.

   Create the page (what you searched for) on this wiki!

Afterwards, click on "Create" button.

Method 2: previewing and saving a red link

  1. Click edit on any red link you see in the wiki;
  2. Start creating the content;
  3. Use "Show preview" or "Save page" if you don't need a preview of the page;

Method 3: changing a URL

If you click edit on any existing page or page section and then change the title of the page shown in the URL of your browser's address bar to the name of a non-existent page, and then hit return/enter, the resulting page shown will be the same as if you clicked on a red link, allowing you to create a page by the title entered. For example, were you to click edit at the top of this page, you would see this URL in your browser's address bar:

To make a page called "Proposed Title" using it, you would change it to:

IMPORTANT: How to enable translations

When you create a page, you will need to enable it for translations. It can be done in different ways:

  1. If you see a "Enable page for translations" message in the very top of the page, click on it.
  2. Otherwise, click on Edit, and then put the tag <translate> at the beginning of the page, and </translate> and the very end of it.

In addition to that, you will need to include the <languages/> tag, also in the beginning of the document, to show all the available languages of the page.

Click on Save. When you next time open it, you will see a message saying that "The page has been marked for translation".