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How to translate TC with Memsource

Memsource has donated to Translation Commons several licenses to use their Cloud to translate TC website.

Please follow this instructions on how to set up projects (for Project Managers) and translate (for Linguists)

For Project Managers

  • First of all, you need a TC account. If you already have one, you need to ask to be registered to TC Memsource as Project Manager at
  • Second, you need to ask your students to register to TC too: you will need a list of registered students including their name, surname and TC e-mail, so, remember to keep it somewhere.
  • Third, you need to access TC Memsource here: [1]

-Once inside Memsource, you need to add your students to the project:

You will see on the left-sided menu that you have a section for Users. There you need to create an entry for each of your students. We recommend that you register them with your university code preceding their username (eg. UTA-username). You need to register them with their TC e-mail and using again their TC e-mail as password at this stage.

-Then, you will see also on the left-sided menu a project called Wordpress Website:

Click on it and you will see all the pages that need to be translated. If you click on one of them, you will be able to edit the job and assign it to one or more of your students.

Once saved, on the same page, you have a horizontal menu with an option called Tools. Click on it and you will see an option for e-mailing a job. If you click on it you can use the template "New work" to email the job to your students. They will receive the notification in their TC gmail account freely available when they register to TC. They need to follow the link for the job. Probably they will not be able to connect directly to Memsource through the link in the e-mail, please ask them to log in using their TC e-mail account both as user and password.

Now your students can start working on TC website translation and you can monitor them from your Memsource dashboard. If you are not familiar to Memsource you will probably need to read and play a bit with it. A nice reading is: [2]

For Linguists